Red Rocks Gorge and Murrumbidgee River: Julie Taylor

Red Rocks Gorge and Murrumbidgee River: Julie Taylor

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Meet at Top Carpark, Kambah Pool (click for map), 9.00 am

To get there you drive down to the end of Kambah Pool Road, drive through the gates to the reserve and turn left at the T-intersection to Kambah Pool Beach and follow the road to the carpark (approx 200m). 

The walk to Red Rocks Gorge is a 4 km return walk to a scenic lookout on the Murrumbidgee River and forms part of the Centenary Trail and Murrumbidgee Discovery Track. The lookout looks right down the length of Red Rocks Gorge, which was created from millions of years of erosion from the Murrumbidgee River flowing through the middle. At various points along the gorge, when the sun hits the rock surface, the 40 metre high cliffs show off their red volcanic hue.

The walk is an easy one, but does have a few uphill and downhill sections to keep it interesting. An average level of fitness is required if you want to do the walk, but even if you don’t think you can manage the whole walk you can always do the early part and go as far as you feel comfortable going.  The river has been in flood for quite a while now so the rapids at the gorge should be flowing strongly. 

Hopefully we will get a nice day and see a few birds.  There is a pair of peregrine falcons that nest on the gorge every year and may be there, plus honeyeaters and other birds if we are lucky.  Fingers crossed.  There are also river views, bush views, possibly some wildflowers if it warms up a bit between now and the 14th and some nice track views if you want to practice photographing leading lines. 

There are no picnic tables at Kambah Pool so if you want to stay for coffee (and the day is okay) people can bring a chair and a flask of a hot beverage of your choice and we can find a grassy spot to sit down for a cuppa.  If the day is inclement, or people prefer, we can relocate to a local coffee shop after the walk. The local one that I usually go to is currently being refurbished and at this stage is supposed to open in the middle of August. I will keep an eye on it and if it is open in time we’ll go there.  Otherwise, Mannheim Cafe on Mannhein Street in Kambah is a good second option. We can decide on the day where we want to go.