Multicultural Festival: Rob Wignell

Multicultural Festival: Rob Wignell

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  • Venue: Canberra Times Fountain; City Walk, Canberra City, ACT, 2601.

The Camera Club Outing to the Multicultural Festival is with us again this year.  Every year is a different experience and presents great “street photography” opportunities where you don’t have to be concerned about people taking offence at being photographed.  They are all there to show off and have some fun.

There is always a lot of colour and festivity for us to make the most of.

There is no perfect camera or lens for this event.  I plan to use a 24-105 zoom.  It isn’t long enough to capture close ups of some of the terrific dancing on stage but I prefer to just use one lens and not risk getting dust inside my camera by changing lenses outside.  Regardless of what lens(es) you decide to bring, from telephoto to wide angle, you will find opportunities that make your lens perfect for the occasion.

I recommend an early(ish) start at 9:00 for 9:15, meeting at The Canberra Times Fountain .  Most stalls are still getting ready for the day at this stage, giving us the chance to capture some of these early moments.

Rather than hunting in a pack we usually spread around and meet for coffee later.  This year I am recommending coffee at DOP in Ainslie Place from 10:30 or so (also shown on map).

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