All things summer

All things summer

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  • Venue: Zoom on-line meeting; .

The topic is “All Things Summer” starting at 7:30pm. However I’ll open Zoom shortly after 7:00pm in case you have difficulties in setting up to show your photos.

All members are invited to join whether you have photos to share or not, feel free to comment or ask questions as the evening’s purpose is to give members the opportunity to show some of their photos, discuss any issues and learn something new so as to better enjoy photography. Photos taken with a mobile/smart phone are welcome though I suggest they be at your highest pixel count.

As it’s the first 2023 Virtual Outing, February’s topic is wide open for interpretation – happy holiday snaps at the beach, family get togethers, people/street scenes, relaxing, garden, nature, pets, whatever – the best or the worst (maybe we can offer guidance to improve your “keepers”).

Let’s select just 5 photos for initial showing and depending on time, have a few more ready to show later if that’s possible.

If you haven’t stepped out and snapped some photos, there’s time to dust off the camera and look for some summer subjects in the garden backyard or wherever. Or sort through your photo library and pick out some you like that haven’t been admired for a while or years! Share them with us. It’s amazing just how good some of those older photos seem after a few years, inspiring memories of good times and great places to enjoy all over again.