Googong Dam Foreshore

Googong Dam Foreshore

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In Winter last year the club visited Googong dam foreshore and saw the dam at one of its lowest points.  The viewing/fishing platforms next to the foreshore path were stranded nearly 100 metres from the water.  Last week, when I went for an inspection visit, the water has risen so far that the water is now lapping underneath the platforms (which unfortunately have been fenced off).

With all the extra water, the lake looks a whole lot more interesting than last year.

When: 9:15 for 9:30 on Sunday 23 May 2021.

Where:  Googong boat launch car park (see map)

What:  Good opportunities for panorama shots (bird shots also a possibility).

Bring:  Food and beverage and chair for “elevenses” (the nearest coffee is a long way away).  Also bring camera and tripod for panoramas.  Walking shoes.

Rob Wignell