Monthly meetings of the Southside Camera Club normally involve a talk followed by a “show-and-tell” when members show their recent work.


April 2021

001Old Graham.jpg
002 Old Graham.jpg
003 Old Graham.jpg
004 Old Graham.jpg
005 S-70A-9 Black Hawk.jpg
006 Hudson.jpg
007 Roulettes.jpg
008 Roulettes.jpg
009 Roulettes.jpg
Bill - 1 - a sip of SUPs.jpg
Bill - 2 - competition.jpg
Geoff Morrison - 1 - Star Trails in the Namadgi.jpg
Geoff Morrison - 2 - Star Trails in the Namadgi.jpg
Hicks_RAAF Centenary flyover 01.jpg
Hicks_RAAF Centenary flyover 02.jpg
Hicks_RAAF Centenary flyover 03.jpg
Hicks_RAAF Centenary flyover 04.jpg
Julie Taylor-1.jpg
Julie Taylor-3.jpg
Julie Taylor-4.jpg
Julie Taylor-5.jpg
Julie Taylor-6.jpg
Julie Taylor-8.jpg
Julie Taylor-9.jpg
Julie Taylor-10.jpg
Mark Stevenson 001.jpg
Mark Stevenson 002.jpg
Mark Stevenson 003.jpg
Mark Stevenson 004.jpg
Mark Stevenson 005.jpg
Mark Stevenson 006.jpg
Mark Stevenson 007.jpg
Mark Stevenson 008.jpg