Monthly meetings of the Southside Camera Club normally involve a talk followed by a “show-and-tell” when members show their recent work.


February 2021

Wool 10.jpg
Wool 09.jpg
Wool 08.jpg
Wool 07.jpg
Wool 06.jpg
Wool 05.jpg
Wool 04.jpg
Wool 03.jpg
Wool 02.jpg
Wool 01.jpg
Shane Baker_©2021_Grey Butcherbird.jpg
Laurie 8 Destruction aftermath Shanahans Mtn copy.jpg
Laurie 5 Gudgenby Fire Happenchance copy.jpg
Laurie 4 Superb Parrot John Knight Park copy.jpg
Laurie 3 Redneck Wallaby Mulligans Flat copy.jpg
Laurie 2 Sulphur Crested Cockatoo Tidbinbilla copy.jpg
Kumar 4.jpg
Kumar 3.jpg
Kumar 2.jpg
Kumar 1.jpg
Julie Taylor-9.jpg
Iain Cole abstract.jpg
Iain Cole 1.jpg
Helen D 8.jpg
Helen D 7.jpg
Helen D 1.jpg
Helen D  3.jpg
Helen D  (6).jpg
Helen D  (5).jpg
Giles West Jelly fish.jpg
Laurie 7 Thistle Coloniser Shanahans Mtn copy.jpg
Laurie 6 Orb Weaver Fire survivor Shanahan Mtns copy.jpg
Laurie 1 Dragonfly Tidbinbilla copy.jpg
Julie Taylor-8.jpg
Julie Taylor-7.jpg
Julie Taylor-6.jpg
Julie Taylor-5.jpg
Julie Taylor-4.jpg
Julie Taylor-2.jpg
Julie Taylor-1.jpg
Giles West Wild coast Ben Boyde.jpg
Giles West White lillies.jpg
Giles West - Butterfly sipping nectar.jpg
Fiona Bowring Greer David-2.jpg
Fiona Bowring Greer David.jpg
Fiona Bowring Greer Con-3.jpg
Fiona Bowring Greer Con-2.jpg
Fiona Bowring Greer Con.jpg
bill blair - 1 - Dawn over Lake Jindabyne.jpg
Fiona Bowring Greer dress up-3.jpg
Fiona Bowring Greer dress up.jpg
Shane Baker_©2021_Ashleigh and Ziggy.jpg