Monthly meetings of the Southside Camera Club normally involve a talk followed by a “show-and-tell” when members show their recent work.


March 2017 selection

_G0A0356 (1500x1116).jpg
_G0A9401 (1500x793).jpg
1 (1500x1000).jpg
03-0063-2 (1500x1018).jpg
3 (1500x1000).jpg
04-0285 (1500x484).jpg
07-DSC08982`around Canberra  100 years (1500x1004).jpg
cameraclub3 (1500x1000).jpg
cameraclub5 (1000x1500).jpg
IMG_3805 (1050x879).jpg
IMG_3865 (1050x700).jpg
IMG_4064 (644x1050).jpg
IMG_8191 copy (1500x1000).jpg
IMG_8574 copy (1500x978).jpg
luminious-1-17 (1500x1001).jpg
luminious-1-43 (1500x678).jpg
Moir -EarlyMorningLake.jpg
P3030452 (1500x1125).jpg
P3040501 (1500x963).jpg
Wee Jasper (1 of 10) (1500x1033).jpg
Wee Jasper (5 of 10) (1500x989).jpg