Monthly meetings of the Southside Camera Club normally involve a talk followed by a “show-and-tell” when members show their recent work.


October 2016

Canola photo (1024x654).jpg
theme_angles (1024x659).jpg
theme_new_york_city (1024x683).jpg
_X0A2580bee approaching grevilliaMonday 26 October (1024x651).jpg
180A1674hon eater 2Tuesday 4 October 2016-001 (1024x725).jpg
180A2598Maj Mitch 3 Saturday 16 April (1024x724).jpg
302A0617portrait Thursday 16 June Mar Ck-001 (1024x725).jpg
302A2611liftoff  Friday 29 July T Price final-001 (1024x724).jpg
302A4069Ringneck 2Tuesday 2 August T price-001 (1024x725).jpg
302A4309Up and away-001 (1024x683).jpg
302A4938Wedgie Tuesday arvo 21 June-001 (1023x1024).jpg
_DSC6918-2 (1024x683) (1024x683).jpg
_DSC6960 (2) (1024x653).jpg
_DSC7058 (758x1024).jpg
_DSC7073 (1024x517).jpg
_DSC7199 (1024x683).jpg
_DSC7270 (1024x683).jpg
FlindersR-gorge-1 (1024x678).jpg
FlindersR-Morning-1 (1024x678).jpg
FlindersR-morning3-1 (1024x678).jpg
FlindersR-morning4-1 (1024x678).jpg
FlindersR-pm-1 (1024x678).jpg
IMGP7971 (1024x481).jpg
IMGP7973 (1024x678).jpg
Sydney sept 16 (25) (1024x665).jpg
Sydney sept 16 (33) (1024x678).jpg
Sydney sept 16 (52) (1024x678).jpg
Sydney sept 16 (88) (1024x678).jpg
CC01 (683x1024).jpg
CC02 (1024x428).jpg
CC03 (1024x683).jpg
CC04 (683x1024).jpg
CC05 (683x1024).jpg
CC06 (683x1024).jpg
_9280537 (1024x628).jpg
_A030693 (1024x768).jpg
_A101253 (1024x768).jpg
_A111254-Pano (1024x539).jpg
_MG_6395-Pano (1024x385).jpg
_MG_6986 (1024x683).jpg
_MG_7156 (862x1024).jpg
Barcoo River Tambo-1 (1024x681).jpg
Betong Porcupine Gorge (1024x681).jpg
Fitzroy Falls (1024x681).jpg
Hughenden (1024x747).jpg
Pocupine Gorge Day 3-37 (681x1024).jpg
Pocupine Gorge Day 3-40 (1024x681).jpg
Sunset Mt Walker Hughenden-9 (1024x681).jpg
Walk into Pocupine Gorge-17 (1024x681).jpg