Monthly meetings of the Southside Camera Club normally involve a talk followed by a “show-and-tell” when members show their recent work.


September 2020

David Raff - 1 - Soccer_smaller.JPG
David Raff - 2 - Soccer_smaller.JPG
David Raff - 5 - Soccer_smaller.JPG
David Raff - 6 - Zygo Cactus_smaller.JPG
Giles West.Nethercote falls Pambula_smaller.JPG
Giles West.Winter on the Rolling Grounds_smaller.JPG
John Mitchell MT TENENT pano sky vs2  final edit_smaller.JPG
John Mitchell R Rocks  3520 wb  light painted vs 3a_smaller.JPG
John Mitchell Tharwa Bridge Sunday 23-8-2020_smaller.JPG
Julie Taylor - 1 - Urambi Hills_smaller.JPG
Julie Taylor - 2 - Urambi Hills_smaller.JPG
Julie Taylor - 3 - Urambi Hills_smaller.JPG
Mark S 001 Australian Kestrel_smaller.JPG
Mark S 002 Australian Kestrel_smaller.JPG
Mark S 003 Australian Kestrel_smaller.JPG
Mark S 004 Cocky_smaller.JPG
Mark S 005 Waterfall_smaller.JPG
Mark S 006 Zebra Finch_smaller.JPG
Mark S 007 Male Superb Fairy Wren_smaller.JPG
Mark S 008 Butterfly_smaller.JPG
Mike Wooley 1 Snow on the cedar_smaller.JPG
Mike Wooley 2 Rosella in the Mesa oaks_smaller.JPG
Mike Wooley 3 Bad hair day in the Persian ironwoods_smaller.JPG
Mike Wooley 4 Blue devils in STEP_smaller.JPG
Mike Wooley 5 On exhibition_smaller.JPG
Rod_Burgess_1_Lining up the ducks_smaller.JPG
Rod_Burgess_2_The rock of Gibraltar Creek_smaller.JPG
Rod_Burgess_3_ Gibraltar Creek_smaller.JPG
Rod_Burgess_5_Molonglo Reach_smaller.JPG
Vicki Wooley 1 Ammobium alatum - Winged Everlasting_smaller.JPG
Vicki Wooley 2 Bulbine lily_smaller.JPG
Vicki Wooley 3 Camden white gum_smaller.JPG
Vicki Wooley 4 Peach blossom_smaller.JPG