Monthly meetings of the Southside Camera Club normally involve a talk followed by a “show-and-tell” when members show their recent work.


Virtual club meeting, July 2020

Giles West - Milkyway 1 Merimbula.jpg
Giles West - Surfing Terrace beach 2_smaller.JPG
Iain Cole - A Grevious Bodily Harm.jpg
Iain Cole - And we_re done.jpg
Iain Cole - Backyard visitor.jpg
Iain Cole - Tuggeranong wetlands.jpg
Iain Cole - when the crows come calling.jpg
John Shaw - Bluebottle washed high into the sand dunes during winter storm. Margaret River, WA_smaller.JPG
John Shaw - Layla sculpture by Russell Sheridan, Margaret River, WA.jpg
John Shaw - Plymouth, Vinales, Cuba_smaller.JPG
Julie Taylor - Arboretum-1_smaller.JPG
Julie Taylor - Arboretum-2_smaller.JPG
Julie Taylor - Arboretum-5_smaller.JPG
Julie Taylor - Kambah-6_smaller.JPG
Kumar Cooma 1_smaller.JPG
Kumar Cooma 2_smaller.JPG
Kumar Cooma 3_smaller.JPG
MariaShaw OceanStinger_smaller.JPG
MariaShaw PurplePeriwinkle.jpg
MariaShaw StormSeaUrchin_smaller.JPG
RobT-cotterbend (1 of 9) (Large).jpg
RobT-cotterbend (2 of 9) (Large).jpg
RobT-cotterbend (4 of 9) (Large).jpg
RobT-cotterbend (5 of 9) (Large).jpg
RobT-cotterbend (8 of 9) (Large).jpg
VW 1.jpg
VW 2_smaller.JPG
VW 3_smaller.JPG
VW 4.jpg
VW 5_smaller.JPG
Julie Taylor - Arboretum-3.JPG